domingo, agosto 19, 2007

300 vs Spidey

Bueno, tengo la re diyuntiva (not). Mi sys me prestó 300 y Spidey III. Las ví las dos y las vería a las dos otra vez, más 300 que Spidey.
Now, the thing is both of them remind me of equaly annoying moments that will make the experience less enjoyable. I swear I can remember the exact moment and scene I gave my ex a mouth to mouth with that e. In Spidey appart from having the same company during the flick there's one scene when talking to his aunt Peter realises he's not ready to marry the annoying MJ. Right there and then I felt this weird thing and looked at the bf in question and knew and said to myself "start counting the days" Me and my stupid "no se me escapa nada" Needless to say I hardly ever do anything about what I see most of all if the thought right after that was "nah... he's my best friend" Cuac.
I have to stop doing stuff I really enjoy with my bfs cos then they bring up annoying memories. Thank god is not the same with sex.
Both movies are equally attractive though 300 attracts me more, violence and guys with great bods... mmm. But spidey has a lot of fight scenes as well, and very good ones. Damn! I dont know. I guess I'm gonna go with 300, it's a less annoying memorie and king Leonidas is gonna distract me. Yeah, let's go with the 300 hoties.

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Madness?? THIS is Sparta! .... ffff heavy!!