sábado, mayo 20, 2006

7 ways to annoy co-workers without getting in trouble

*SEND VOICEMAILS THAT GO ON AND ON. Call a coworker and make your point over and over or don't make one at all. Either way, be sure to talk until the message stops recording. Most desk workers don't know how to stop a voicemail before it's over so they're forced to listen to them.
*FORWARD AS MANY STUPID EMAILS AS POSSIBLE. The average office worker receives 42 emails a day. Imagine if you could bump that number up by another 40 or 50.Bonus points for anything with puppy pictures, a sappy story or a link to some tremendously long news story no one cares about.
*COMMUNICATE ONLY IN BABY TALK. Enough said about this one.
*MASS E-MAIL ASKING IF ANYONE WANTS FREE TICKETS. Timing is everything on this one, Make sure it's right before the NBA finals, Super Bowl or World Series. When the excited responses pour in, simply write back, Yeah -- me too. It's not your fault they misinterpreted your question as an offer. The important thing to remember is that it's easy to get their goat -- without needing a scapegoat. whole, frustrating message.
*BANG YOUR HEAD REPEATEDLY ON YOUR COMPUTER KEYBOARD. Coworkers have to look over, to ask 'what's wrong, then you say 'nothing' -- but keep banging. It's like tapping your fingers on the desk only 10 times worse.
*BREAK OUT THE SPORTS SECTION DURING IMPORTANT MEETINGS. You're at the meeting, you were on time, you're not talking out of turn. Heck, you may even be listening! But it gives off an air of 'I don't care' that is priceless in terms of annoyingness.
*YELL FOR SOMEONE TO "CHECK THIS OUT" RIGHT NOW. Make sure it's pointless -- and that they're busy. Then have your latest paper clip chain or face-of-Jesus on the bottom of your coffee cup all ready for them. You made them get up and wasted their time. Two points for you.

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